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Creating Stories of Resilience

In my own trauma recovery, I've learned that it is easy to get stuck in focusing on what is broken--inside of ourselves and all around us. It takes bravery, language and intentionality to redefine ourselves more fully. As artists, we connect with others by telling stories of our lives, our art, and our creative process. Accessing the agency and tenderness required to do this well, is a learned skill. I am extremely excited to begin a collaboration with Poverty and the Arts to hold space for these artists to craft their own narratives of generative durability.

Through a THRIVE project, funded by Metro Arts Nashville, I am going to be co-creating a limited podcast series of these stories, to launch next Spring. Participants will attend two day-long workshops on storytelling, as well as have small group and individual meetings to build skill and capacity. Each POVA artist will have their own episode and will be compensated for their participation, as well as being an active participant in shaping the content and direction of the episode.

You can learn more about this project and all the amazing projects here.

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