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We tell our own stories to better understand the choices we have made, the people we have loved and let down, the experiences that shape our point of view. This sharpens our observation skills, our self-awareness, and can strengthen our bonds to our neighbors. A lot of times, it gives us the perspective we need to make sense of our lives and the obstacles that face our communities. Our stories tell us what we value; about ourselves, others, and in the world. 

Learning to listen is one of the simplest ways to grow more empathetic spaces. Narratives connect us in a way that debates never will. They get us out of our defended positions and into our tenderness. To share stories, to hear another in their fullness, to speak the truth of your experience, this is holy.





















Photograph by John Partipilo


Kristen is a theater and fiber artist, writer and civic artist, specializing in community engagement.

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"Kristen Chapman is a powerhouse of story. From spinning engaging yarns on stage, to teaching writing and facilitating narrative processes in workshops, to curating experiences, to organizing through story for social change, Kristen stands tall among the story giants of our city. If there’s a narrative need in Nashville, one needn’t look further than Kristen Chapman.”

- Michael McRay, author, story-practitioner, founder/host of Tenx9 Nashville Storytelling 

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